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How/when do I get paid?

Payments are being made biweekly by US check or wire, depending on your preference. The tracking system is run by CCbill. an independent, external organisation. You will also be paid directly through CCbill.

How can I monitor my income?
After signing up CCbill. who handles all sales, tracking and payments, will provide you with URL's and personal passcodes to check your income.After you have submitted the reseller application, you will be able to access the CCbill Control Center for your link codes and stats.

Can I promote your sites through e-mail
Yes, we are very mail friendly to friendly mail programs so opt-in mailers are allways welcome, and as long as you allways keep well within curent law on the matter and we don't start receiving complaints from your mailing campains we welcome the traffic as any other promotions.

Can I check if you are cheating me ?

Yes you can, by us using CCbill and not run your links throuh any kind of scripts on our sites it's even quite easy, simply click on your own refferal code as if you where a surfer, on the join page of the site click the signup link that takes you to ccbills signup form, now in your browser choose 'source code' in that code you should allways find your affiliate id as refferal for the click (feel free to contact us for help on how to check this).

Can I do test signups ?

Yes at anytime you are also welcome to do a test signup, however if you wan't us to refund this please contact us as quickly as posible after the signup and please do not overdo this as we have to do this manualy.

Do the banners have to be on specific pages?

No, you can place the code on any page you like as long as your site does not contain anything illegal and on as many pages as you like. A banner on your main page is likely to get you a better income though. Feel free to contact us for helpful hints for maximum success.

Can I spam to promote your program?
Absolutely not, You can not spam through newsgroups, chat's, e-mail or any other way or you will risk having your account terminated.. we do allow advertising through opt-in newsleters if these have an easy and respected opt-out option within the newsletter.

Will you offer content to promote your sites?
We'll suply both banners and content for you to promote our sites, please notice that you may only use this to promote websites, upon confirmation from CCbill that you joined our program We will send you an e-mail with links to your free promotional content !

Will you cheat me or sudently terminate my account ?
Unlike some programs that seem to offer high payouts only to terminate your account  before you ever get payed due to some redicolous rule violation mentioned in small print on a 4 page rules site, we believe in working with our webmasters and solve any problems that might occure.. however, direct fraud and/or repedet violations will get you terminated and banned from our program. In any case we will not cheat you, but try to contact you first to get your side of the story.

 What if I have more questions ?

Allways feel free to contact us, we're here to help you make the best posible out of our program. In the end of the day, the more money you make, the more money we make..right !


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